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This website was created by Michael S. Copeland as a way to help people and businesses traverse the ever expanding, ever changing Social Media Landscape.

Michael created the Social Networking Directory which showcases over 3,000 social networking sites. This is in a searchable format so you’re able to find the social networks that interest you, your business, or your potential customers.

Michael also co-authored Volume 1 of the Social Media Formula, which is all about social bookmarking and how use them right to get the most traffic possible. It was this site, that crashed because of too much traffic. That traffic was attributed to Social Bookmarking.

Michael has also created a site “Social Media Storm”, which has tools to help traverse the landscape. He believes in productivity and efficiency and these tools personally help him. While it’s not 100% open to the public, there are a number of Beta testers who are reporting great results.

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