I’m not one to sit and watch TV but I recently had a nice stay (not really) in the hospital where it was all I could do, besides trying to get better.

There’s a new add on TV from Burger King about Whopper Virgins

It’s a short ad with a high budget. It’s done very well actually. The concept is great and if it’s all true, must have been a great project to be a part of.

The ad is a teaser for an upcoming “documentary” Burger King created about people, who have never tried a Whopper or Big Mac and the results of the taste taste.

The possibility of this to be blasted across the Social Media Landscape is there. This could start a lot of conversations all over about it but come on BK! It’s already biased! YOU are the only one promoting YOUR “movie” which obviously benefits you from the results of YOUR taste test!

We KNOW what the results are before we even see the documentary.  You’re trying to tease us with something that’s supposed to be cool, but why would we go to the results when we know who they will be in favor of.

You really missed the boat here BK.  There is such potential here and it is very unfortunate that you didn’t capitalize on the possibilities. I’m a filmmaker, social media geek, and internet marketer, and while you got the filming right, the rest is sorely lacking.

If you want to get people talking about something, name it Burger Virgins with a similar domain name. Don’t brand it as your own. Let people create the conversation.

Pay the money to put the ads on TV and market them on specific Social Networks. Create the conversation or hire a firm to create it for you. Do it the right way!

Is there a way to salvage this, possibly but now the conversation is not going to be what you want it to be. You can’t stop a groundswell as Motrin recently found out the hard way.

Will it happen here, I guess we’ll see.

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