In what is being referred to as the Instagram "purge," many Instagram users lost tons of followers when the picture-sharing platform cleared out inactive and spam accounts on Thursday.

Poor Justin Bieber was dethroned as the most-followed Instagram user, losing 3.5 million followers in less than 24 hours, according to a list compiled by 64px. On Thursday, he had 23.8 million followers; after the purge, Biebs has a mere 20.3 million Instagram acolytes. Beliebers, we assume, rallied after learning of his fall from grace.

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Facebook Messenger, the social network's message app, is getting some Christmas-themed updates on Android on Friday.

The biggest one is Stickered, a lightweight add-on app that allows Facebook users to add stickers to photos and send them through Messenger

That means you can finally put huge smiley faces with heart-shaped eyes over your friends' faces, like so:


Image: Facebook

In addition to Stickered, the updated Messenger will include holiday features like "festive frames" for New Year's Eve selfies along with holiday-themed sticker packs and snow globe chat heads. (Chat heads are the circular icons that float in the Facebook app when a conversation is active.) Read more...

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One horse open sleighs and wassailing are all well and good, but some holiday rules were meant to be bent.

Last week we partnered with HP and guest host Evan Hilton to challenge our audience to create the next generation of holiday greeting cards.

From reindeer to robots, your submissions took typical greeting cards and turned them on their heads.

Congratulations to Matt Fogarty and his holiday Rube Goldberg machine for winning our challenge and an HP x360. Scroll through to see his submission, as well as the rest of our favorites, below. Read more...

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