An explainer video is an incredible tool that can help your marketing campaigns in many ways, from greater online presence to branding and social buzz. But have you ever wondered how an animated explainer video is made? How many professionals do you need? Or how much time does it take to make one?  Well, wonder no more! Today you’ll learn the whole explainer video production process step by step.

Do you monitor what people are saying about you online? Are you using this information to enhance your business? The insights you gather about your customers, prospects, products and competitors with social listening can be valuable. In this article you’ll discover eight ways to use social listening for your business. Why Social Listening? Social listening […]

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Two titans of social media, Anonymous and ISIS, are at war with each other. ISIS, as we now know thanks to a methodologically robust study from the Brookings Institute, has become a major force on Twitter with more than 25,000 active Twitter accounts (from among as many as 90,000 total accounts created) supporting its propaganda efforts. Anonymous is, in the words of V, legion and has set its sights on dismantling ISIS’s digital capacity.