What is a social media marketing dashboard?

If you’re doing any sort of social media marketing, you know how hard it can be running campaigns and keeping track of everything.  I run campaigns for multiple clients and the tool I mostly use is MarketMeSuite.

I just received an email from Tammy over at the PieDog Media office.  She let me know MarketMeSuite 3.0 is about to be released.  This is amazing, because the app really has everything in it already.  In fact, I have added some of what the current 2.4 version has in it below.

You could check out a sneak peak demo video here:  MarketMeSuite 3.0 social media marketing dashboard

Here are some of the current features(taken from their site):

  • Marketing Suite: MarketMeSuite goes beyond amazing management (which it has) to give you a PRO ACTIVE marketing suite. Get out there and start conversations, follow people, brand yourself and shout “I’m Here, and I want to Take Social Media By Storm!”
  • Unlimited Accounts: When we looked at other Twitter business services, the first thing we noticed is the confusion in the choices of accounts and limits. Businesses often have many personas, so we give the ability to add multiple Twitter profiles and Facebook accounts.
  • Brand Management: This means that you can send tweets branded with a link back to your website! You can send your customers to a twitter related page on your website.
  • Scheduled Tweets: When it comes to business, we know you’ve got better things to do than Tweeting at all hours of the day. That’s why we created ‘Scheduled Tweets,’ a way you can accurately schedule as many tweets as you like, up to a year in advance!
  • Smart Following & Unfollowing Algorithm (user controlled):  Keep control of your account! Carefully crafted by our Software Engineers, we offer a way to find highly targeted followers, and unfollow those who aren’t enriching your account.
  • Automatic Direct Messages: Automatically send a welcome message to any new follower. Put in as many rotating messages as you can think of and make sure people know who you are!
  • Twitter Management: No other Twitter business software has a comprehensive management side. See your friends timelines, replies/mentions, easily manage and delete direct messages, groups, search and more! Customizable Panes & Expandable Interface!
  • Facebook Integration – *New Feature* Post to your profile page AND  unlimited fan pages! View your facebook activity in a gorgeous interface that makes keeping up with friends and contacts a breeze.
  • Location Targeting – *New Feature* This is new, location targeting, that’s right, its time to get excited. Interact with people who are in the same place as you, making the quality of connecting so much higher!
  • Reply Campaigns: Now this something we’re really excited about at MarketMeSuite. This is a feature we built from the ground up – It allows you to find users in your niche and start conversations, and it’s completely user controlled to maintain the highest quality!
  • Multiple Computers / Team Members: You can download on as many computers as you like! Get your whole team to download MarketMeSuite on their own computers. No limits.
  • Auto RSS Tweets – *New Feature*: For Maximum Exposure! Import your blog feed directly into MarketMeSuite! Post automatically or manually.
  • Email Mentions – *New Feature*: Get an email letting you know who has @mentioned you on Twitter so you never miss a thing!
  • Language Targeted Tweeting: No longer grow a mass following of unresponsive users who aren’t relevant! Build a following of users who speak the same language! You don’t have to to fit MarketMetSuite – MarketMeSuite fits you.
You could check out a sneak peak demo video here:  MarketMeSuite 3.0 social media marketing dashboard

Free Updates

We listen to our customers, that’s how we were able to create this product. Without you this product couldn’t exist, and to say thank you we will be continually supporting and upgrading this product for all licensed users!

Ping.fm Integration -*New Feature*

Have a Ping.fm account? Use MarketMeSuite to post using your favorite service! *This product will use the Ping.fm API but is not endorsed or certified by Ping.fm.

Schedule on iPhone, Android, Blackberry – *New Feature*

With our Google Calendar integration, you can now schedule tweets on the go using your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device – and anywhere you can access your Google Calendar!

Zendesk Integration

Customer Relationship Management is a big deal! Love your helpdesk from inside MarketMeSuite. Use “favorite tweets” to create “twickets” and respond through zendesk right inside the application!

Twitter Search

With our search feature you can easily keep up to date with who is searching you and your company, and respond with deadly accuracy.

OAuth Secure

New requirement from Twitter is OAuth security encryption, and we have it! What does it mean? Well put it this way, we NEVER store your Twitter username or password. Now think about your other tools…

Post To All – *New Feature*

Have more than one Twitter Account? Facebook Profile? Fan Pages? You can post to all with one simple click! Harness the power of one-click broadcasting and get a surge of traffic!
Remember, this is just SOME of the stuff in the current 2.4 version.  You could check out a sneak peak demo video here:
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