Brendan Wenzel is having a contest with a LOT of prizes.
I have a lot of points but I need your help. Today I finally figured out what I’d want if I won and I made the following video about it.

What you should do right now, is check out the contest Brendan has for Social Media Marketing Machines.

I personally recommend you register. It only takes 1 point to win. It’s like a big raffle. The more points you have the more entries you have in the contest. Just like any raffle, it only takes one ticket to win. So GOOD LUCK!! Click here: Social Media Marketing Machines

Now in the video I explain why I wanted to win and which prize I’d choose if I did win. The reason why I’d choose it is because I’m already helping small businesses with their social marketing but the more information and backend help, the better. Social Media Marketing Machines is a system. It’s software, training, staff, mastermind and more.

I say, the more I can help small businesses the better. Truly I believe it is the small business owners who will get us out of this recession. They are the ones who shop and spend locally. Why? Because they want the same for their business too. It’s the law of reciprocation.

By using social media, small businesses are able to reach more people and build relationships. Did you know that when you build a relationship with your customers and clients, they are more likely to buy from you again. Not only that, they will recommend their family and friends too.

So I ask you to help me. Just click on this link and see what it’s all about. Watch the video and post a comment too.

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