If you’ve been anywhere on the social media landscape over the last few weeks, you should have heard about SOPA and/or PIPA.

What is SOPA?

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Many websites including Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, and many more all went “dark” to protest against SOPA and PIPA. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg¬† jumped on board too, saying he’s against internet censorship.

With all this backlash, it seems like Congress is listening. The people are speaking and being heard. Senators and Representatives are changing their thoughts and are more leaning towards a “NO” Vote. However, it makes me wonder why they are changing their minds.

Are they changing their minds because of the poorly written SOPA and PIPA bills, or is it because they are fearful they will not be reelected next term. I can tell you one thing, if you vote for SOPA and PIPA, you’re not getting my vote. I know many people who say the same thing.

January 24th is the date the vote is supposed to happen. Let’s hope they do the right thing for the right reasons!