What do a former Beatle, a magician and an award-winning director have in common? They are all signed up to Twitter's new Periscope app

However, people discovery is not Periscope's strongest feature. So we've located 12 interesting celebrity accounts you can follow right now for fascinating new livestreams

Take a look through our suggestions of early adopter celebs to follow on Periscope. Are you following a well-known personality we haven't mentioned? Shout out your recommendations in the comments below Read more...

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From Instagram and Hyperlapse to, more recently, an embeddable video player, Facebook has slowly woven video sharing into many of its products and services.

But Facebook's new app called Riff, released for iOS and Android on Wednesday, tackles video with a distinct twist. Normally, when someone shares something on Facebook, someone else might see it, share it and add a short comment of their own. Riff actually goes one step further and lets friends tack on their own video to the original.

After users log into the app with their Facebook credentials, creating a video is a four-step deal. You'll be prompted to enter a topic with a hashtag — #AprilFools, #SundayFunday, that sort of thing — or pick one from a list of suggestions. Then, you record a clip up to 20 seconds long. If you review it and are happy with it, you can share it to your Facebook page. Read more...

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Timehop isn't afraid of calling Facebook out on their, let's say, "Timehop-inspired" new feature called "On This Day."

Timehop is an app that allows users to look back on their embarrassing tweets, statuses and pictures from years past. For their required branded April Fools' Day prank, they announced the arrival of a new app called "Timebook," essentially calling Facebook out on stealing their idea by pretending to steal Facebook's idea

so excited to be releasing something new #timebook

— Timehop (@timehop) April 1, 2015

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