Barbra Streisand will return to The Tonight Show on Monday after a more than 50-year absence. The last time she appeared on the show was in 1963 — back when Johnny Carson was the host.

Streisand will be Jimmy Fallon's only guest for "a night of talk, comedy and performance," that will promote her new album Partners, which debuts Tuesday. The performance will be a song from the album, a collection of duets with stars including Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Josh Groban, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder. There will also be a "virtual duet" with Elvis Presley.

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We just wrapped up our first Employee Advocacy Summit, and it was packed with information on this exciting new field. We heard from everyone: advocates themselves, training experts, best-selling authors, long-time leaders, and even a lawyer (with a sense of humor). Mike Bruny talked about "falling in love with your company"; Liz Bullock unveiled 10 steps to implementing a training program; Sabrina Stoffregen, DeShelia Spann, and Tammie Wagner told us how to take our program to the next level; and our fearless leaders, Chris Boudreaux and Susan Emerick, held court on everything from technology to metrics to the bottom line. It ended with a live episode of Denise Holt's Social Business Helpline podcast that blended right into cocktail hour, as the audience questions kept coming.

Technology is changing the way we travel. Beyond introducing convenience and speed, it's made the entire experience of getting from one place to another more enjoyable. From wearable GPS and hands-free texting to share programs like CitiBike and Airbnb, there's an endless list of intriguing developments that make traveling easier, more cost-efficient and hopefully a whole lot safer

Who knew, five years ago, that driverless cars would be a thing? How about apps that tell you how to avoid traffic? We've come to realize that most of the high-tech innovations that seem far-fetched could soon become standard. Read more...

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One of the hosts for today's panels at the Employee Advocacy Summit, Susan Emerick, and her partner at Brands Rising LLC, Jeanne Murray, delved deeply into metrics, KPIs and measurement frameworks for employee advocacy programs. They also answer one of the most difficult questions faced by their audience: "How do I prove business value?"