“It’s amazing that the most advanced social marketing teams still struggle with knowing if their efforts are successful. We answer that for them and, more importantly, show them how to improve,” says Joey Kotkins, co-founder and CMO of Inside Social. The 2013 Techstar startup offers solutions to track your company's social efforts across multiple social channels all in one place. This includes exactly how your social shares lead to engagement, conversions, signups, purchases, and more.
The idea behind the concept of social WiFi is pretty simple: merchants offer free WiFi service to customers who visit their stores in exchange for customers logging into their network using their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts or by giving the merchant their email address. Once the consumer gets access to the WiFi network, they are asked to like the merchant’s Facebook page, or subscribe to a mailing list. But what you (the consumer) may or may not understand is this: by logging into the merchant’s social WiFi network, you are implicitly entering into a business arrangement with the merchant, which allows them to gather your data for marketing purposes.
As we enter the last 6 months of 2014, investing in digital spending is quickly becoming a priority with b-to-be marketers. As ROI and creating a streamlined customer experience continues to prove the power of digital spending, we’re seeing a steep drop in traditional marketing dollars as digital strategy grabs a bigger slice of the overall budget. Digital marketing provides a cost-effective, metrics-driven, brand awareness to businesses of all sizes. By investing in digital, B-to-b marketers are nimble and engage more qualified audience for their products.